Villa in via Casone Grotta 80041 Boscoreale NA, Italia
Villa in via Casone Grotta

Along the way Casone Grotta, that defines the limits of the municipalities of Boscoreale and Pompeii, since 1986 SAP undertook a systematic survey of excavations that brought to light interesting areas, with walls in opus reticulatum and angular toothing in opus vittatum, relevant to a Roman villa. Studies are mainly focused on identifying the ridges of the walls, the portion of interest consisting in a compartment covered by a gabled roof which has, on the wall opposite the entrance, a perfectly preserved lararium with decoration in stucco (this area of the complex was covered by a canopy). For safety reasons, the monument was reinterred. The villa dates back to the late Republican Age, towards the end of the first century BC.

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