Pantelleria Island National Park

The National Park of the Pantelleria Island has been established by Presidential Decree the past 28th of July, 2016, and then published in the Official Gazette n. 235 the 7th of October 2016.

The Park boundaries extend over the existing territory of the Regional Oriented Natural Reserve “Isola di Pantelleria” that has been consequently abolished with the Administrative Decree n.423/Gab. the December 14th 2016.

The territory of the National Park “Pantelleria Island”, shall be divided in the following areas, each one with a different and specific protection regime:

  • Zone 1, of significant naturalistic, landscape, agricultural and/or historical cultural interest, with non-existent or minimal degree of anthropization;
  • Zone 2, of naturalistic, landscape, agricultural and/or historical value, with limited degree of anthropization;
  • Zone 3, of landscape and/or cultural historical value, with high degree of anthropization;


The respect of the protection regulations of the Decree is granted, up to the establishment of the organs of the Entity, by the Sicilian Region – Regional Department of Territory and Environment, which provides them with an Acta Commissioner that has to give previous communication to the Ministry of the Environment.

The establishment of the Park Authority bodies – President and Board of Directors – is currently in progress.

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