Museo della Stampa 54013 Fivizzano MS, Italia
Museo della Stampa

The Museum of Printing “Jacopo da Fivizzano”, founded by Loris Jacopo Bononi and Eugenio Bononi documents how Fivizzano is a real “capital” of the book and of the press; primarily thanks to the extraordinary presence and activities of Jacopo, that in 1471-72, in Fivizzano,printed books with the first mobile Italian typefaces, with impressive advance respect at many European cities, including London, Brussels, Barcelona. Furthermore, the Fivizzano Agostino Fantoni, invented a typing machine capable of printing as a modern typewriter, acting at the same time from forerunner Braille since the machine was invented for the blind sister.

Address: Palazzo Fantoni-Bononi

Phone: 0585942128



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