National Parks
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Architectural, Artistic and Historical heritage
Archaeological heritage
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Project realized in collaboration with:
The Charter of Rome and the National Parks

“Turismo nei Parchi” is an online database created with the main purpose of enhancing the knlowledge on the vast amount of cultural heritage hidden within our National Parks. It includes libraries, museums,  archeological, artistic and architectural treasures located in the municipalities of Italian National Parks or in the surrounding areas of ​​touristic relevance.
For each element you will find a short description. For further information, please refer to the site of the Park or to the respective municipality.

By using the search tools and filters in the left column of the home page you can browse the website through advanced searches, by selecting a specific park, a particular location, a kind of heritage or searching for a specific keyword.

Clicking on the placeholders on the general map you will be redirected to the relevant page of each Protected Area, with a more specific map of the Park and the complete list of the reported sites within it.